Welcome to Great Plains Management
Great Plains Management offers production management services for both sow farms and swine grow-out facilities. We assist with the building of new farms or resume management of existing farms, securing, training and managing a labor force, providing cash flow projection assistance, establishing accurate production records, establishing production goals, nutrition assistance, pig flow management, accounting, and assistance with pig sales and contracts.

The staff of Great Plains Management has the experience from many years of successfully managing both sow farms and grow-out farms throughout the Midwest, and their network of contacts throughout the industry are invaluable. If you are interested in building or joining a new sow center, in need of better performance on your current sow farm, or in need of management services for your grow-out facilities, contact Great Plains Management.

Mission Statement
To bring value to owners of sow operations and finishing farms by providing management services that are specific to their individual business needs. Our aim is to utilize current technology, proven management practices, production records, and our knowledge gained through education and years of field experience to manage with a goal-oriented approach, with emphasis on fiscal responsibility.